Our Philosohy

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

 Creative Kids Childcare Philosophy


The Educators at Creative Kids Childcare Centres are committed to the concept of high quality, developmentally appropriate care, education and health for all children in the formative Early Childhood Years.

The Early Years of learning provide the basis for all further development, we strive everyday to achieve a solid and successful background for all our learners.


We cater for the individual child and their needs in a supportive and affectionate environment.


We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework and its focus of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We embrace the Kindergarten Guidelines.


As Educators we reflect, question, plan and act. We incorporate all teaching and learning styles and techniques to ensure equity for all learners. We are ever aware of the changing world around us, and incorporate and plan for such things.


As a whole centre we promote access and participation of all.

Children will be accepted, cared and educated regardless of race, religion, additional need or gender.


We have a deep commitment to incorporating and complementing the family/ child relationship and maintaining a caring and responsible value system.


We value and believe in establishing and maintaining our sense of community through associations with local schools, local charities, and the local area.  


In a safe, clean and interesting, stimulating, loving, nurturing environment, we encourage children’s curiosity, creativity, confidences, independence, discovery, co-operation, language and concept development. 


Above all we care for and about you, your family, your child, and we want to provide the best start in life possible for the future generations, so we all reach for the stars daily.