14 - 08 - 2017

At Creative kids Virginia, the children in the Joeys room enjoyed exploring with the pasta. The children shared many laughs and stories as they touched, tasted and threw the pasta. The expression of wonder and interest within their environment was evident.


The children used play to investigate and explore the colourful texture of pasta.

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09 - 08 - 2017

A Couple of weeks ago in the Kangaroos room we were been learning about the life cycle of Ducks.

Miss Effie bought in her incubator and 15 eggs. We watched quietly and closely daily to see the ducklings hatch.

10 little yellow and black and white ducklings hatched in which the Kangaroo children were able to feed, nature and love. 

Outcome 2: Children connect with and contribute to their world ,when educators create environments in which children experience mutually enjoyable, caring and relationships with people and their environment, children respond according.

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12 - 07 - 2017

Today at Creative Kids Virginia we have been engaged in a range of imaginative play with the Wallaroos enjoying their time in the fairy garden. The children are able to communicate and build on their learning through a process of exploration, collaboration and imagination.

Imaginative play is essentially when children are roleplaying and are acting out various experiences they may have had or something that is of some interest to them. They are experimenting with decision making on how to behave and are also practising their social skills.

09 - 06 - 2017

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